Therion’s Les Fleurs du Mal tour, 2012

Hi, all! Well, tour is already done (long gone are the days of bus and Therion, sigh.) However, I wanted to post at least a bit about it. In order to make it more palatable, I’ve condensed it down into a list of most memorable moments. Enjoy!

1) The concert in Toulouse at Le Bikini with an amazing crew working with us, as always. Le Bikini is a truly special venue, filled with people who do their jobs because they love music/art. It’s quite clear. Special acknowledgement to Lilian Gonin, a cuisinier with SPM-PROD for creating magic with veggies (and taking some great photos.) I didn’t know vegetarianism could taste so delicious.

2) Jumping into the pool at Le Bikini. Who cares if it was almost freezing?!? Oh, and table tennis with Thomas V. Fun, fun fun.

3) Hanging with the members of Antalgia, one of our support acts, and their manager/driver/jack of all trades guy: Nils. Both acts were really special (the other being Elyose from Paris, France,) but I got to practice my Spanish with the Antalgia folks. 🙂

4) Meeting people after the gig in Budapest. We performed in a venue quite far from the center of town, so many made a long pilgrimage home afterward. It was great to meet so many after the show, though. Many places would usher the crowd out directly after we performed (probably had something to do with us playing until only minutes before curfew most every time, haha!) Oh, and I loved getting a chance to see my friend Lasse. He just keeps getting more and more handsome, though a wee part of me misses his dreads.

5) The crowd in Glauchau. One of the quietest, but also one of the most attentive and responsive, albeit in a very calm manner. I really enjoyed this show and felt most at home (guess my German great-grandmother, who I unfortunately never got the chance to meet, might have something to do with it, haha!)

6) Meeting new friends, Kirill and Ludmilla, in Russia. They’re an amazing pair. I wish them every success in all their future endeavors.

7) Seeing my friend David again, and getting to work with him, in Lyon. He’s a terrific guy and does his job (no matter what it is) with aplomb.

8) The absolutely amazing crowd in Paris. God, I love that place. Can’t help it. There’s a magic in that city that seduces me anew every time. I wanna stay forever.

9) Christofer’s hilarious comments during the show in Rennes, France. Who knew he was so knowledgeable regarding potato farmers???

10) Doing an unplugged, acoustic version of our show in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was a good time and I once again had plenty of time to chat with people afterward. I’m lucky, because I really like many of the people who come out to see Therion. It’s a pleasure to have a long chat over a beer with one of them when time allows, which I did that evening. Oh, and I have to say I really love Greece as well. Regardless of whether things are going well or not, the people are warm and always engaging. Oh, and our usual promoter there is really a gem of a person. She gets the job done and has my respect.


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Performer, musician, currently on tour with Therion, a Swedish Symphonic Metal band.
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5 Responses to Therion’s Les Fleurs du Mal tour, 2012

  1. Deborah says:

    Was wonderful to see you… Trust me, there WAS actually at least one grand-daughter of potatoes farmer in Rennes!

  2. Coraline. says:

    Paris & Toulouse gigs were great moments, without a doubt! How about buying your own place and go all bohemian again 😉 ? And I second what you said about Lilian’s skills… you should have seen his Boeuf Bourguignon: heaven on a plate (for meat eaters of course!).

  3. ethoismenos says:

    Was nice to talk a bit in Greece.Hope to see you again here with Therion in the next few years!!!!

  4. Hans says:

    The show in Glauchau was great – in case there is any trace of doubt – we really had a blast this evening. Just in a very quiet and orderly fashion 😉 I still hope the time till the next possibility to see Therion (and you 😉 will not be too long.

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