Bloodstock – 13-August

So, Bloodstock came and went and I had a lovely time. The countryside was beautiful and peaceful, especially considering the recent trouble England had been experiencing with riots in a few cities, including the city in which we landed: Birmingham. Of course, the airport seemed to be rather “above the fray”, so to speak, so we didn’t see much evidence of anything untoward happening or having happened. However, I did notice that the crowd was a bit more subdued than I expected. Someone had told me that the audience at Bloodstock tended to be a bit more calm, a bit more polite and a bit more genuinely interested in the musical offerings of the festival. That makes perfect sense, having heard that bit of info. I also read an article about the festival (which I posted on Facebook) that talked a bit about its homegrown roots. It really was a bit more laid-back, yet at the same time the people running the various parts of the festival were highly professional. I was impressed with how well they had thought through the backstage setup… I was easily able to access all areas thanks to smart planning.

Therion’s set was a bit more mid-tempo than other festivals we’ve recently done. Some of us had a niggling worry that this mid-tempo set might leave people unsatisfied or, worse, disinterested, but I think it was a creative move to do something that truly set us apart from the typical metal/brutal lineup. Bloodstock draws a lot of people who are interested in the more hardcore and extreme side of metal… Anyhow, whether it worked or not, I personally enjoyed the set, so I guess it was successful for me! And Linnéa Vikström, our new singer, did a good job for a first try, I might add.

I tried to mix it up with my stage wear for this show. I’d rather wear something that both feels comfortable and looks good. Wearing loose-fitting black from head to toe isn’t exactly my thing in everyday life… I like to throw in plenty of color and actually HAVE legs that I don’t mind showing occasionally, haha! So, this time around, I went for a knee-length dress instead. My only fear was a strong breeze coming from offstage that might send my skirt straight up. It WAS a breezy day, but I was fortunate that said breeze stayed mostly away.

My one complaint about this show was that it was, well, daylight when we performed. Therion’s music seems to do better when we have the cover of night for performing. Or, maybe I just feel more comfortable in a dark, moody space. Either way, it is always a challenge to get immediately into the “mood” when the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing puffy clouds in the perfectly blue sky, haha! I found myself being distracted by the beautiful day rather than throwing myself right into the show… Ah, well. C’est la vie, oui? Guess next time we’re performing in festival during the day, I’ll just have to ignore it and do my JOB! 😉

Guess that’s enough for now. Hope you’re all enjoying the season change…


About lorilewisatlarge

Performer, musician, currently on tour with Therion, a Swedish Symphonic Metal band.
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1 Response to Bloodstock – 13-August

  1. Mary says:

    “Therion’s music seems to do better when we have the cover of night for performing.”
    Totally agree Ms. Lori!
    Hopefully we’re gonna see you and your legs (no offense please!) in Mexico next week :D! We’re gonna be there for supporting all of you (plus, i am gonna support you twice ‘coz i love your singing!).

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