Latest Update: Worst Cold EVER!

Hi, all. It’s been a bit over a week since my last post, and, let me tell you, I have been through it. I started feeling a bit poor in Bucharest, Romania, then proceeded to develop one heck of a head/chest cold by the time we had made it to Munich, Germany. What bad timing. I almost lost my voice, but there was always just enough that we could somehow keep doing shows, though I apologize to anyone who came to Prague, Budapest or Krakow and expected to hear a fabulous foursome. It really ended up being a threesome with a sometimes Soprano (yours truly.) What a huge drag.

Good news is that I’m definitely over the worst of it. And I’m finally coming alive again, though it has been a weird couple of days. We said goodbye to our support acts in Warsaw… I miss them so much. What a bunch of cool guys. Kisses to you all (if you happen to read this!) And an extra smooch to Jimmy, of Loch Vostok. You’re a good man with a warm heart, my dear “Viking”. 😉

So, where have we been since I last posted? Lots of places:

11/24 Pratteln, SW-Z7

11/25 Munich, GR-Backstage

11/26 Prague, CzR-DK Vitavska

11/27 Budapest, HG-Almassy Ter

11/28 Krakow, PD-Club Studio

11/29 Warsaw, PD-Stodola

11/30 Minsk, BR-Concert Hall Minsk

12/1   Riga, LV-Melna Piektdiena

It has been an interesting run, for sure. Therion visited Minsk, Belarus for the first time. It was a real challenge getting in and out of the country, but the fans were beyond excited that we came, which made two sleepless nights in a row a bit more bearable. Poland was magical, as always, and I had the chance to stay in the Mercure Grand Warsawa the night before I went to Minsk. Nicest hotel ever! In Budapest, I had a few free moments in which I could spend some time with my friend, Lasse, which was a bright spot in the midst of feeling less than stellar.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more to say soon… I really should get to posting this for the world to see!


About lorilewisatlarge

Performer, musician, currently on tour with Therion, a Swedish Symphonic Metal band.
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1 Response to Latest Update: Worst Cold EVER!

  1. Miguelon says:

    Many thanks for a concert in Minsk! I have for a long time got stuck that evening (sorry for my english – i use google translate for the last phrase).

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